Confederation of Humanitarian Political Parties

Common Plateform of Political Parties who believe in Humanity and Non Violance.  

Every body who has faith in Humanity & Non Violance is authosised to take print of this flyer for free distribution

We want to Propogate Humanitarian and non violent political thoughts, for this we want synergy between like minded Parties in India. All Political Parties who has faith in Humanity & non violance are invited to join this Platform.

*Place Human being on top most position replacing religion, cast,region, & other points of conflicts

*Abolish Poverty within stipulated time, because this is the root cause of almost all existing Problems, includes corruption, Women/Dalit exploitation, crime, population, prostitution, farmers suuicide etc.

*More autonomy to states & create new smaller states * Abolish Governor Post & State Legislative Councils.

*To Make Local economy more powerful,restructure co-operative system, eliminate all controls.Allow Level playing field to this sector. Cut short powers of Registring authorities, allow them only to register & collect returns.

* Right to recall elected reps:sign petetion at

*Facilitate writers without any control to create Litrature which can unite society on cultural basis.

*Make Radio Broadcasting Liscence free. *Govt Should stop doing Business.

*Restructure society on cultural basis

*Don't sale Drinking water, ensure 100%Pure & safe drinking water to every citizen.

*Make awareness about Global warming & take steps to deal with.

*Restructure Govt.service rules,Govt servant must perform duties with mission,Govt service must be service oriented not power oriented.

*Say bye bye to all Laws made by British, make new laws suits to our conditions.

*Free & fair medical and education facility to all from immediate effect.

Every Member Party will get: 1-Well researched blueprint of making India poverty less state, as we know poverty is the root cause of almost all prevailing problems. 2-Election manifesto 3-Coordinated support for candidates who are contesting Lok sabha elections.4-Office space sharing at New Delhi 5-Free Website & email ids 6-Free consultancy for fund management, asset creation & media management.6-Free Telecast of coverage of your party functions on chppTV(web TV). 7-Free Training to your functionaries/members to become Public Journalist of "chpp TV"

Interested parties may send their request for membership,by sending following informations:*Name of Party?*Registered or Not?if yes,Plz give ref?*President?*Ideology?*H.O?*No.of offices?*No. of members?*Area of operation?*Faced election or not,if yes-% of votes?*contact address?*contact numbers? Mail us today stating above facts to: For more info visit our site: