Confederation of Humanitarian Political Parties

Common Plateform of Political Parties who believe in Humanity and Non Violance.  

Jan Sansad Morcha Launched at New Delhi

Decided Candidates from Raiberailly and Gandhi Nagar

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Newly Launched JAN SANSAD MORCHA want to see all humanitarian and non violent political parties and good people on a common plate form. We want to overcome with all conflicts & want to fulfill the basic needs of common man which is provided in Indian constitution. All political parties failed to do so, thatís why people are disappointed. Now time has come for the grass root level small political parties, to join JAN SANSAD MORCHA and send clear message to the people that we have capacity to fill the void created recently after terrorist attack and we are committed to give good Governance.

JAN SANSAD MORCHA has been floated on 30 March 2009 at 7 Firoz Shah Road New Delhi. President of Jan Sewak Dal, Akhil Bhartiya Desh Bhakt Morcha, Dharm Nirpeksh Dal and 12 more registered parties were present on the same occation. The newly elected office bearer of JAN SANSAD MORCHA, which is the 1st front of more than 250 parties, are Mr. Vikram Singh President, Mr. Ashok Ji Srivastava General Secretary.

JAN SANSAD MORCHA is going to contest more and more Lok Sabha seats through its member parties. The first List of  80 Candidates is scheduled to release on 2 April 2009. The Election Manifesto has been released on the launching ceremoney, the main features are as:

*Place Human being on top most position replacing religion, cast,region, & other points of conflicts

*Abolish Poverty within stipulated time, because this is the root cause of almost all existing Problems, includes corruption, Women/Dalit exploitation, crime, population, prostitution, farmers suuicide etc.

*More autonomy to states.* Abolish Governor Post and State Legislative Councils.

*To Make Local economy more powerful,restructure co-operative system, eliminate all controls.Allow Level playing field to this sector. Cut short powers of Registring authorities, allow them only to register & collect returns.

* Right to recall elected reps.

*Facilitate writers/Litrary community without any control to create Litrature which can unite society on cultural basis.

*Make Radio Broadcasting Liscence free. *Govt Should stop doing Business.

*Restructure society on cultural basis

*Don't sale Drinking water, ensure 100%Pure & safe drinking water to every citizen.

*Make awareness about Global warming & take steps to deal with.

*Restructure Govt.service rules,Govt servant must perform duties with mission,Govt service must be service oriented not power oriented.

*Say bye bye to all Laws made by British, make new laws suits to our conditions.

*Free & fair medical and education facility to all from immediate effect.

We JAN SANSAD MORCHA very first time in the history of Indian Polity came out with a clear blueprint to solve most of the problems/odds faced by common people.

We Promise to Pay Rs.2000.00 P.M. to every Citizen, This way we can eliminate Poverty as well as we may be able to channellize vital human energy into productive activity instead of applying it for Bread & butter (Roti).

We shall abolish all subsidy and State legislative Councils and all unproductive expenses & money will be utilized to pay Rs.2000.00 to every Citizen of India.

This way we shall be able to abolish Poverty & its mechanism which creates the Poor & Poverty.

In this way we shall be able to cut short a long list of Problems existing in India

By a single act of  our Government, if voted to power, will make a level playing field for common people of this country, This act may eliminate 1-Poverty 2-Prostitution 3-Suicide of Farmers 4-Corruption 5-Population Growth 6-Crime 7-Women Exploitation 8-Down trodden (Dalit) Exploitation 9-and so many social Problems

We see no hurdle to make a new law for it, if voted to power, with in the constitutional directive principles under sections 14, 15, 38, 39, 40. Such Law will not come under preview of Judicial Review.

We are also proposing a healthy electoral funding system under the every candidate will get Rs.2000 for every vote he/she got from public, for example candidate  who get 10,000 votes will get Rs.2000 x 10000 = 2 crores & who secured 1 Lac votes will get Rs.20 Crores, This system will be for all candidates, irrespective of party.

This amount will be paid once for a election, this way we can make a level playing field for Good people in politics & we can make a healthy system for election funding, 

JAN SANSAD MORCHA has also decided to contest Lok sabha election from Raiberailly and Gandhi Nagar. Candidates are being short listed and they will be finalized with in 2 days.

 Any one can reach us through our email: or & our website is under construction in the mean time info is available at